Gift hamper

So you have made the decision to send out a gift hamper.
But this decision leads to other questions. How to chose the correct food
hamper for the right person?  How can you
work out with type of hamper the individual will want and appreciate.


It all comes down to spending a bit of time in thought
considering what the reason for sending, what the recipient will like or not
like , who the recipient is and the message you are trying o get across.


Why are you sending a hamper in the first place ? What is
the reason?  Is it an occasion such as a
birthday, christening ….. is it a christmas hamper ? Or is the recipient sick
? Is it to say thank you for another year of successful business relationship
of record sales and committed hard work
?  It’s important you consider the
reason for sending this hamper gift as one hamper gift will not suit all events



So you have established that there is an occasion or
event for which you wish to send a hamper, you know it’s a hamper you wish to send
to mark the event. Now consider the specific person you are sending it to. What
are their likes or dislikes?  what is
your  relationship to the recipient ?
what will they appreciate ? Do they like wine ? Do they like chocolates ? Do
they like cheese and biscuits ? Do they prefer tea or coffee?



So you have thought though what they like but it’s also
important to consider what they  don’t
like. Maybe they don’t drink alcohol, or they are a vegetarian, are they
allergic to anything ? Chose carefully.


The final thing to consider is the message the hamper is
going to say to the person you are sending it to. Is it important that your
message is clear, are you saying, you are appreciated? Well it has to come
across clearly for the recipient to know what is being said.  If your message is one of thanks and esteem,
then it’s important that you show generosity, you show thought and care.



Sending a luxury hamper gift is a great choice, Follow
the above simple steps and you are sure to have success in getting your
sentiments across to the person in question.


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